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Hook up effects loop

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Generally speaking there are three bigger effechs The filters and the EQ are generally placed at the beginning, the overdrives and effectz in the secondary position, and the modulation and tempo type effects in the efdects place. If your amplifier has the Liop effect and you want to use the distortion that is also build into the same amp, Hook up effects loop the compressors, boosts, octavers and wah between the guitar and the pre amp, and the pedals that handle modulation and time on the pedal. In this fashion you can benefit from the amplifier overdrive.

If you intend to use the clean channel of the amp, by following this order you can still use the the Loop effect. The final placement should reflect the personality of each guitar player, as well as his creativity and style. An example of a configuration without effect loop 1. Effects that influence the gain The tuners are, of course, placed at the beginning of the chain, that way the signal will be free of any effects and can be interpreted well by the pedal. In the majority of the cases, and in the situations when we do not have a tuner, the compressor will be the pedal that we place first, at the beginning of the chain.

The less the signal is altered, the easier it will be to deal with it. There are people that put the Wah-Wah before the distortion, but it should always go before the effects that involve Hook up effects loop and time. A Wah-Wah placed right after the distortion, allows you to get a sound that is fatter but that is less rich in harmonics; if we place it before the distortion, it will allow the pedal to react more easily to the variations of the signal. There are people that choose to use two EQ pedals at the same time, one before and one after. It is up to you! Distortions, overdrives and fuzz are used to give shape and grit to the basic and unadulterated signal.

Because of that they are very frequently put as early in the chain as possible, although sometimes they are placed after certain modulation type effects like the chorus.

One more step

Simply try both ways! The effects loop allows you to insert an effect or effects in between those two stages. So there's two options for signal routing: In Hpok Hook up effects loop the amp: This means the effect is between the guitar and amp input, so your signal routing is: Koop means the effect is between the preamp and poweramp. Speaker Here's an example of why you would prefer one over the other: If you put a delay pedal in front of the amp, you are adding delay to your dry guitar signal then over-driving it all On the other hand, if you put the delay in the effects loop, you are over-driving your dry signal, then adding delay. I used delay as an example, but the same concept applies to any other effect.

Some will sound better in front, others will sound better in the loop. While there are some guidelines regarding effects order and where to put certain effects, there are no rules.